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Payroll Service

Fulfillment of the legal responsibilities related with the staff, keeping the records in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations are of vital importance for businesses.

Difficulties are experienced and financial burdens are faced due to the complexity of ever-changing legislation and numerous documents to be organized.


The proper maintenance of the mentioned records and documents can be provided with experienced and knowledgeable employees. Since it’s not possible to employ employees with these features for every company, the option of purchasing Payroll service is increasingly addressed.


The subjects provided in the context of the service generally are;


•          The preparation of the monthly payrolls belonging to the companies in accordance with the data taken from company,  the calculation of the allowances, deductions, insurance, tax, net fee and all kinds of reporting of the payroll,

•          The preparation and maintenance of the Personnel Entity Files.

•          The delivery of the personnel payrolls to the owners (through email or by hand in closed envelope)

•          The distribution of the monthly payroll costs in accordance with the cost centres determined by the companies, the preparation of the accounting records,

•          The follow-up of the annual leave and sales premiums, keeping annual leave books,

•          The preparation of the Social Security declarations and Income tax (withholding tax) returns, taking accrues, informing the clients,

•          The conduction of the opening processes of the Tax Administrations, Social Security and the Regional Labour Offices regarding Centre, office and/or branches, obtaining registration number,

•          The preparation of all kinds of periodic declarations and lists that need to be given to the official institutions,

•          The organization of the staff visits paper, sending leave, payroll and personnel entry-exit data to the personnel, 

•          The preparation of the recruitment insurance information, the calculation of all kinds of compensation and fee calculations in job quit and bank transfer with the confirmation of the human resources management,

•          The preparation of the documents to be given to the personnel who quit the job, the organization of the documents to be signed such as acquaintance,

•          Providing consultancy to the contracted companies about Business Laws and practices, informing companies about the practices and legal changes through circular note,

•          (Lawsuits and works outside of the normal business flow are conducted by the company lawyer and/or our solution partner lawyers according to the mutually agreed schedule),